Tomorrow`s racing

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Hi just downloaded advance_Betwise_Flat_Racing_Oddsline_2021-09-27.csv

Doesn`t seem to be any information within the sheet.

asked Sep 26, 2021 by iphoneshoey Plater (120 points)
edited Sep 26, 2021 by colin

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We run the advance oddsline in the morning around 11 am and the evening around 10 pm -  if the data for advance cards isn't available, the oddsline will not run, which sometimes happens in the morning.   However, the evening oddsline should be there.   Note also that the oddsline generated on the day of the race (no *advance* in the file's title) will be slightly more accurate, as more data is used from the previous day's racing.
answered Sep 26, 2021 by colin Frankel (18,530 points)