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Hi Colin,

I have previously looked in to smart form db where I used old tables (historic races, runners, daily races and runners) for modelling purposes.

I see now there is a beta tables with more fields(wind_op etc)

Would your advise be to only use beta tables going forward?  and is there a plan to deprecate the older tables
asked Apr 8 in Horseracing research by chakradharmn Novice (230 points)

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Hi - thanks for the question.

We plan to deprecate the original tables, however we have postponed this indefinitely in order to allow existing subscribers time to test and migrate their strategies / scripts.

If you are just getting started again, you should definitely begin with the beta tables - the schemas are subject to change, but there is more data and improved quality (eg. sire and dam sire IDs included in daily_runners_beta) and this will continue.
answered Apr 9 by colin Frankel (16,980 points)