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I am new to this site, registered, and still exploring I am looking forward to using smartform database but for now, I have downloaded the free daily oddsline which for today 6/12/20 I get just one meeting at Southwell do you get the full days cards once you have subscribed to smartform ? I would appreciate your feedback thank you.
asked Dec 6, 2020 in Horseracing by Vikingracer Plater (130 points)

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Hi - for now the daily oddsline covers Flat racing only, so National Hunt racing is not included.  We're working on a model for the jumps but so far is proving trickier to get right.  However, all being well this should be available in the New Year.  There is no difference in the oddsline whether you are a subscriber to Smartform or not, it is still free.  We are working on improvements to it however, and this may be a separate subscription product in future.
answered Dec 6, 2020 by colin Frankel (16,100 points)
Much appreciated Colin thank you.