is stall_number field updated after being revised since 30th March 2011

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I understand the stall numbers have been revised as per the below release:

Wondering whether this change is backdated in historic_races table i.e. is the stall_number field changed pre 30th March 2011?

Thanks in advance.
asked Nov 27, 2020 in Smartform by chakradharmn Novice (200 points)

1 Answer

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Hi - this question has been asked before, see below for a full answer:

(Note that you can use the search bar in Betwise QA - a search on "stall number" brought this up)

The short answer is that Smartform contains the raw data, so is a matter of historical record, and this does not change despite stall numbering conventions changing.  So it would be incorrect for us to change it, though for analysis you would want to reverse the stall positions prior to 2011 on right handed courses, if included results prior to 2011 at right handed courses in any analysis of stall positions.  Note that no change is necessary for left handed courses.
answered Nov 28, 2020 by colin Frankel (16,100 points)