TRP_Extras, TurfTV_Extras, RMG_Extras Courses.

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Ive been trying to research into what these events are but googling the titles of has got me nowhere. If anyone could help me find out with the following details that would be very appreciated.

- what they are?

- If they are worth keeping in?

- How I would find the actual course they occurred on - my initial guess would be comparing the `condition` column for matches to courses?
asked Nov 4, 2020 in Smartform by ChrisWaltonHello Novice (200 points)

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These courses relate to televised races and are either repeats of existing races or one-off additions (such as cards for the Breeders Cup).

For the purposes of horseracing analysis in the UK and Ireland all these courses can be safely ignored - any repeat information for the UK and Ireland is already in the database indexed by the relevant date, time and course.
answered Nov 5, 2020 by coltest Handicapper (1,700 points)
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