What happened to Rose Crown (17:15 Pontefract 9th July)?

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It wasn't in the daily_runners and hence not your racecards. Was it a late entry or a data error?
asked Jul 9, 2019 by RandomThoughts Plater (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi - we loaded this card early at the 48 hour dec stage, as can be seen from the loaded at field:

2019-07-07 19:00:06

It looks like Rose Crown was a late entry.

We're looking at how to avoid these issues in future, but may mean fewer early cards.
answered Jul 9, 2019 by coltest Handicapper (560 points)
I can see it's a difficult one. If you update a card / daily_runners how to notify users of that change is not immediately obvious. Thank you for the clarification.