Running R and Smartform on a VPS

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I want to switch my current daily modelling process to run on a VPS to mitigate any problems with internet access etc.

Does anyone have any knowledge on this they can share? My actual process of doing the predictions literally takes 5 minutes to run so I just want something I can pay for as I use etc.

asked Jun 1, 2018 in Smartform by DataScientist Handicapper (530 points)
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Happy to share on process and set up but basically starts with a good provider.   It also depends if you're using Linux or Windows.

In terms of set up, we'll be adding to the documentation at some point - but if you're good with using the command line on your own computer you should find it easy.

There are a few good solutions here.  Email us at Betwise contact - - and we'll point you towards some of them.
answered Jun 1, 2018 by colin Guru (12,470 points)