Is creating new tables a bad idea?

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I’m new to the MySQL Workbench for Smartform. I have merged the historic tables and added some new columns with calculations within the smartform connection, but now I am running into a 2013 error which indicates a connection drop between the MySQL client and the database server. Should I have created a new connection and linked it to the same database instead to allow for longer running queries?

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asked Jan 14 in Smartform by Pomroy.dan Plater (180 points)

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Hi - Smartform is a database, so it's fine to create new tables within it.  It is best not to modify the tables that are automatically updated but rather to create new tables which may be derived from these.

The issues with Workbench sound troublesome, but there are many other SQL clients available as well - dBeaver is a popular one.
answered Jan 16 by coltest Listed class (2,780 points)
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and make sure to create an index on any columns that you frequently use in a WHERE statement,,

otherwise the query will take ages.
answered Jan 18 by weston47 Plater (160 points)
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