Missing historic Betfair win prizes

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Hi all,

When running queries I have noticed some missing data in the Betfair win prizes table, in particular for the years of 2021,22 and 23.

Could you kindly advise whether I can find it on another table or is there a workaround to retrieve the missing values.

Kind regards

asked Jan 12 by Pomroy.dan Plater (180 points)

1 Answer

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The data is alll pulled from the BSPs that Betfair publishes in CSV format on a daily basis, and occasionally there are missing data.   It's also important to join this with Smartform data using the ID mapping that is provided within the table in order to establish that any runner in question finished the race.

That said, we will run some stats doing just the above to find if the missing percentage is greater than usual in these years.
answered Jan 12 by coltest Listed class (2,780 points)