Can you query on BSP?

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1. Is it possible to query race results based on BSP and not on SP?

2. Is it possible to query horse races from a location based on the favourite by BSP and not on SP?

Example: SELECT all races FROM Wolverhampton WHERE BSP=MIN(BSP) of this race AND criteria = x

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asked Jan 5 in Horseracing by Pomroy.dan Plater (180 points)

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Yes.  You need to use the betfair_historic_win_prices table and join this to any of the other tables you need for your other criteria.

This blog post uses some example queries from the table that you can adapt, see:
answered Jan 6 by coltest Listed class (2,780 points)
Thank you so much for your response.

Where did you find the betfair_historic_win_prices table?

Many thanks in advance
It’s available to all subscribers.  

I think you may not have subscribed to updates but just bought the historic data - if you send a message via the contact us form with your member ID details we can enable access for you as a one off.