Abandoned races in historic_races_beta

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I can't see any way to tell if a race was abandoned in historic data - is there a way?  edit:  Just to clarify my question, if a race is deemed abandoned in daily_races_beta, you generally don't see historic_races_beta/historic_runners_beta data for these (I do have examples of a few exceptions).  But if the race is abandoned after we get the daily_races_beta update, there doesn't seem to be any way to tell from the historic_races_beta/historic_runners_beta data that the race was abandoned.

You can see this fairly easily with the following SQL:

select * from daily_races_beta dra
left join historic_races_beta rb on dra.race_id = rb.race_id
where rb.race_id is null

returns 9128 rows


asked Dec 3, 2023 in Smartform by maddisor Novice (410 points)
edited Dec 5, 2023 by maddisor

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