Database on AWS?

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I intend to automate my prediction algorithm and I’m intending on running it on an EC2 instance on AWS.

That means I would need to create a MySQL database on AWS but how would the Smartform updater work with that? Ideally, I would have it run automatically at 7.30pm to populate the next day’s racecards. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Is it even possible?

This is for my own personal use and my database would be securely behind my VPN.
asked Oct 25, 2023 in Smartform by maddisor Novice (410 points)

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You'd set up your AWS host as a vanilla Linux server and run the updater as a "cron job". You can edit your cron table using the command "crontab -e". Here is the relevant entry in one of mine:

30 09 * * * $HOME/smartform/updater/smartform-updater all-feeds

Edit the path according to where you have installed your software. The first four characters cause this to be run at 09:30am daily. You can either amend to 21:30 per your requirements, or even run the updater twice daily. If you only run it the evening before you won't pick up the new "insights" data for the day or the latest non-runners table.
answered Nov 21, 2023 by hyoung Novice (410 points)