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Does anyone have a datadump of the oddline files for analysis. Is there a zip file with all files to loop through and import or does anyone have a datadump of the data since the start to import?

asked Mar 28, 2022 in Horseracing by cathal Novice (260 points)

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Hi, we will be clearing out historic oddsline files soon, since the models used in the last few months are not all the same, so any analysis would not be comparing like with like.  That said, you are welcome to download the individual files at the moment and analyse them - the All Weather racing model has probably changed the least (compared to Jumps and Flat Turf) so would be consistent.

Once we move to a subscription service, all the oddslines will be archived in a way that is easier to analyse past results.

Hope this helps.
answered Mar 30, 2022 by colin Frankel (19,200 points)
selected Mar 31, 2022 by cathal