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I would like to get a sample file of what you are covering as far as data is concerned please. I am looking for things like AT (Adjusted Time), SR (Speed Rating), MS (Median Speed) , EDMS (Exact Distance Median Speed, Last 400 time, JT combo, J stats, T Stats, Class record times, weight carried, OB (Opening Betting), SP (Starting Price) , MR (Merit Rating) , G (Going) , L (Lengths behind winner) , Owner, Breeder, Sire, Dam, Gelded?, all previous runs info on the above, Trainer Stats/track, Jockey Stats/track, Trainer season stats, jockey Season Stats, etc etc etc everything that you have the more the better for our algorithms. ..

asked Sep 21, 2021 by IPUNTSMART Plater (120 points)

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To see definitions of available data, check out the following liinks:

For the raw data, updated daily:


For derived data, updated daily:


For custom queriies, please get in touch via the contact form and we can respond directly.
answered Sep 23, 2021 by colin Frankel (17,950 points)