Betwise or Adrian Massey?

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Perhaps a cheeky question, but what is the advantage of the Betwise database over the information that is available, free, on Adrian Massey's website?


asked Oct 21, 2020 in Horseracing research by georgestill Plater (120 points)

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From my perspective the data here enables you to code according to your own methods and research. Adrian Massey's site has the stats in table form and unless I've missed it the data cannot really be downloaded and used: it would have to be reference data that would take some painful work if you were to cover each race.
answered Oct 22, 2020 by RandomThoughts Plater (180 points)
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I'm not really sure what knowledge can be gained from the stats on there to be honest.  I just had a look at the analysis on backing the favourites, it seems to imply that backing the favourite is not a good strategy since it has returned a loss over thousands of races.  What he doesn't mention is how many of them favourites had value in them, betting on any horses at any odds will return a loss in the long run if there isn't a positive expectation from the bet.

I think it depends on your goal, betting on the favourite has some advantages, there are lot of them so you can get a decent amount of bets on, they also win often enough that you don't lose faith in your strategy. My goal is to ger as many bets on as possible.

On a single point basis you might make more backing an outsider, but you will hit very long losing streaks so you need a good bank roll to support it. If you are using some kind of proportional staking system then it will be harder to recover after the long streak too.
answered Oct 27, 2020 by DataScientist Handicapper (820 points)