How do you join 3 tables into r, all data?, or selective.

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I can join, historic_runners, and historic_races when being selective on which columns I want but I’m struggling adding the historic_runners_insights data, is there a fast way of selecting all column data from this? With a date condition
asked Aug 3, 2020 by destiny10 Plater (120 points)

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Hi -  in terms of adding historic_runners_insights to queries on the other tables, this is covered niicely with examples in Steve Tilley's latest blog post.  Steve then goes on to analyse the variables in R, but if you look at the R code at the end of the post you'll see all the code including the SQL used to extract the code which I think is what you're after?   


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answered Aug 25, 2020 by colin Guru (14,380 points)