How to match 2018/19 race_id’s from smartfrom to Betfair win/place market id’s for backtesting purposes

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asked May 14 in Automatic Exchange Betting by chakradharmn Plater (140 points)

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There is a convenience table provided for this purpose that you can use, being the historic_betfair_prices_win table - full instructions at the data download pages.
answered May 14 by colin Guru (13,940 points)
Thanks Colin.
I was going reading through this ( which advises to download from the download page.

I am struggling to find this section, I went back to my historic downloads but couldnt find it there.

Any help in pointing this will be much appreciated.

Hi - it's on the data_download page under the heading "Historic Betfair Win Prices table" - the download links are in the middle of the section.  If you have any difficulty locating please email us at admin@ and we can assist.
Thank you for your help, found it.
Cool - I think you may not have had the link as I realised the data is normally only available to subscribers, so made you a subscriber for one week to enable access.