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Now that racing has essentially stopped in both the UK and Ireland for a while, are there any plans to roll out changes to the database?

One thing that I'm particularly interested in that has been mentioned before is the adding of unique ids for dams, sires and damsires in the daily_runners table?
asked Mar 29, 2020 by equushandicapper Plater (130 points)

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Hi, thanks for the message and hope you are keeping well.

We are working on a few additions for subscribers during this time, and a way of tracking sire_ids to automatically match sire names in daily runners with their ids in historic runners is high on the list.  This will probably be in the form of a separate table, or if we run short on time, a set of stored procedures, which will involve us documenting SQL and the correct set up for users to run for themselves, but either way we should have a workable solution in place by the start of May.
answered Mar 31, 2020 by colin Frankel (16,860 points)
An update on this one:  We have been working on the sire IDs and dam IDs for daily_runners, as well as a number of other updates to the database.  These will be released in the coming week, as a beta version of the new database, for you to test and comment upon, prior to migrating this to be the standard production version.
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Note that sire ID is now being added to daily runners - will be available in the new Smartform Beta to be released to all subscribers next week from 10/07.
answered Jul 2, 2020 by colin Frankel (16,860 points)
can't wait...!