Sire Ids in Daily Runners

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Can sire_id & dam_sire_id be added to daily_runners? I tried to pull this information from the historic runners table however in cases where it is a horses first race this data isn't available, leaving large holes in my data set.
asked Apr 30 by andy012 Plater (120 points)

2 Answers

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Yes, for a first race this is indeed tricky.  It requires a major alteration in the way we assign IDs which we are working on with the next release of the database, which is planned for later this year and will be released in beta first.
answered May 8 by colin Guru (12,470 points)
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If you work with sire_name rather than sire_id you will find that the former is populated for first runs. That was my work around and a useful one at that given how useful sibling stats are for young horses with no/little actual form to reference.
answered May 27 by hyoung Novice (280 points)