First time blinkers

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First time blinkers sometimes has a dramatic effect on a runner's performance. Whilst it's relatively easy to compare current and LTO headgear, it's less easy to compare with all previous runs in a simple query. Do you have a suggestion of a good way to do that ? Would you consider a set of first time headgear flags (blinkers and cheek pieces at least) in the next release ? I guess I could write a script to add that to my local copy of the database for each race, but it's the kind of thing others may find useful in the core product.
asked Nov 24, 2018 by hyoung Novice (310 points)

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Thanks for the suggestion - we'll add this to the list of what we derive and include in the next release.

As a general rule we try to avoid producing too much derived information, since there are so many potential queries that are possible and also that is part of the fun of the database, but a tack_* count seems reasonable.
answered Nov 26, 2018 by colin Guru (13,100 points)
edited Nov 27, 2018 by colin
tack count for each tack type would be a great way to implement this