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I know I can see the format of downloadable smartform database but I would like to see 1 day example from that database just to see how I can use it, if possible!?

I am not programmer but can use excel for research purpose and it would be very useful for me to see the possibilities from that example. That would be only deciding factor to proceed further with buying your database.

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asked Jun 17 in Horseracing research by vladanigor Plater (150 points)

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Hi Goran,

Thanks for the message - we don't usually provide samples since the database is ready to go and it's easy to export from the database to a spreadsheet using any MySQL client - plenty of free ones are available including MySQL workbench.

However, if you send a message with your email using the contact form at we can arrange a day of historic data in the database format so that you can test for yourself.



answered Jun 17 by colin Guru (13,310 points)
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