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Technical parameters
Circular sawUnit400B
Working tablemm326x1112
Shaft rotation speedr.p.m.4500
Blade diametermm300
Blade bora diametermm30
Cutting height 90°mm100
Max. distance between blade and fencemm730
Blade inclination0°45°
Max cutting height  45°mm50
Shaft rotation speed engraverr.p.m.7000
Engraver blade diametermm90
Engraver blade bora diametermm22
Working tablesmm326x1112
Shaft rotation speedsr.p.m.2000/3100/4400/7000
Standard shaft diametermm30
Spindle lenghtmm105
Shaft vertical strokemm115
Max. tool diametermm180
Max. tenoning depthmm65
Tenoning carriageUnit400B
Carriage dimensionsmm1800x315
Carriage strokemm1800/2200
Standard accessoriesUnit400B
N°2 clamp lever
Sharper fence
Service wrenches
Table extensions with swinging armsmm860x600
Saw guide
3-phase motor powerHP - KW4,0 - 3,0
Optiona accessoriesUnit400B
Single-phase motorHP - KW4,0 - 3,0
Increasing 3-phase motorHP - KW5,5 - 4,0
Contouring fence
Carriage strokemm2200/2200
Carriage strokemm2600/2600
Combination Wood Machine is combined with panel saw and spindle shaper. The panel saw of this Combination Wood Machine can be tilt to 45 degree and can be operated as a individual sliding table panel saw. The shaper of the Combination Wood Machine is also a separate unit while this Combination Wood Machine working. It is universal combination machine that is with multi functions. You can choose some functions you need such as planer thicknesser, mortise and other functions that can be one part of this universal combination machine. It is t planer/thicknesser woodworking machine that can be chosen different function. This multi purpose wood working machine is a complete panel saw which has a sliding table and a tilting blades unit. There is a scoring saw blade equipped to this multi purpose woodworking machine. The woodworking Combination Wood machine is all in one machine. 400B is universal all in one machine. This combination wood machine with  multi function multi purpose woodworking machine with surface planer. This universal combined woodworking machine is combined with panel saw and spindle shaper. The 400B universal combined woodworking machine has been specifically designed be an industrial standard machine, but at a size intended this universal combined woodworking machine is for the factory and small professional workshop. This combination planer machine features a table saw and sliding table and spindle moulder unit. This combination planer machine is with cast iron construction, accurate cross cut fence and superb build quality put this machine in a class of its own.
The saw of this Combination Wood Machine utilizes a sliding beam which runs alongside the blade like a panel saw. By running the beam of the Combination Wood Machine this close to the blade, 100% accuracy is assured. Several further options of this kind Combination Wood Machine are also available; each multi purpose woodworking machine can therefore be tailored to the user’s specific needs.Planner And Thicknesser manufacturers
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