rfid livestock management

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Flexible TPU Material One Piece Rfid Cattle Ear Tag
Easy one-piece application with self-piercing pinhole tip for faster healing and reduced animal stress.

Animal RFID Microchip
Size Large: 110*76mm, Small: 58*46mm
Material TPU (eco-friendly material)
860-960 MHZ (Non-chip optional)
Protocol ISO 7814/5 FDX-B
Yellow, red, purple, blue, white, etc.
Feature One-piece tag, easy to wear.
Working temperature
-35~50 centigrades
Hand write, print or laser

One Piece ear tag for cattles
Size 110mm(h)*76mm(w)
Material TPU
Work temperature -35~50 degrees
Feature easy to write,flexible,eco-friendly material
Numbers Printing or lasered

One Piece Ear tag for Sheep
Size 58.3mm*45.8mm
Material TPU
Work temperature -35~50 degrees
Feature Easy to write
Numbers Printing or lasered
2 sizes compare

Easy to writing on tag frosted surface

Opitonal colors: yellow,orange,red,purple,blue,dark blue,green,white,pink

RFID chip embeded: Most hi-tech farms are using UHF system to manage their livestocks, we have the hand-held reader to sell.
Chips we can do
Alien H3/H4 (Most common with hand-held reader.)
Impinj M3/M4/M5 (Becoming hot with fixed reader or door reader.)
Ucode G2 (Barely used.)
If you have any question on one piece ear tag,please send us an inquiry!rfid livestock management
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